Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Coldest Run

So, yeah... tonight was about the coldest barefoot run I've ever done (35 degrees).  I think my toes are still down there, though I couldn't really feel them after the first mile.  I don't know how you barefoot snow runners do it.  On a positive note - my first mile was 8 min with a 8:15/mi pace overall for the 2 miles.  Getting faster!!!

My huarache kit is in the mail.  I hope it comes soon.  I don't know how my feet will keep up with these temps.  Yes, to all you snow runners, I'm a wuss.


  1. Welcome to the wuss club. We've been getting frost on the ground every morning now and this is when I run. Even VFFs don't help much

  2. I was thinking of wearing VFFs tonight. I don't know how much it is going to help. I'm also thinking of adding injinji socks with either the VFFs or my huaraches when they come. I will keep you all posted on the huarache project when I get them.