Saturday, May 8, 2010

Good News. Bad News.

I'm a week away from running my first barefoot half marathon.

GOOD NEWS... I had been struggling in training with being sick and TOFP.  I took a hiatus for 2 weeks for TOFP leaving me 2 1/2 weeks to prepare for my half marathon.  I went out this morning in my VFFs to attempt a 10 mile run to see if the foot would hold up to the mileage.  When I reached about 2.5 miles, I was feeling winded.  I was worried that I would not have the endurance to complete my 10 mile goal.  However, by mile 4 I was moving smooth!  I had found my zone and was feeling great.  I got to mile 5 with no pain whatsoever!

The VFFs were giving me a little hot spot on the inside ball of my right foot, so I thought I'd take them off for the run back home.

BAD NEWS. . . I made it about a mile barefoot before the TOFP returned.  I put my VFFs back on to see if they would alleviate some of the stress/pain in my foot.  They did somewhat, but not greatly.  I made it to about mile 7 before I was running with walking breaks. 

FRUSTRATION!  I'm stubborn enough to try the half marathon in VFFs.  I'm not stupid enough to believe I can do it completely barefoot at this point.  The question is how bad is this round of TOFP- is it a day or two thing or the 2 week kind???  Good thing is I haven't signed up yet.  I might just settle for the 5K and do that barefoot.  Who knows?

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