Saturday, May 22, 2010

California Chapter of the Barefoot Runner Society

 Hello Barefoot Runners!!!

I would like to announce that I am the California Chapter President of the new Barefoot Runners Society!!! 

From the BRS website:

"Changing the running world one odd look at a time"
  • To offer resources that unite barefoot runners from around the country.
  • To promote barefoot running and minimalist running around the country and at race events as a competitive sport.
  • To educate the running public on the health benefits of barefoot and minimalist running.
  • To dispel the myths associated with barefoot running that negatively impact the sport.

If you are a barefoot runner, especially if you are in California, I have invites to join the BRS.  I'll be organizing events in California and coordinating with the national group for larger events to come.  Contact me if you're interested in receiving an invite. 

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