Monday, May 21, 2012

Back in the Game

Well, I took a few weeks off of running to let my achilles heal up.  Here's the run down of the beginning of my comeback. . .

After about three weeks, I attempted a 0.25-mile run with my kids.  I made it a whopping 87 feet.  Pain was shooting through my achilles.  I walked the 0.25-mile so that my kids (who were hyped up to run with me) would not be let down.

I waited another week before I attempted another 0.25-mile run.  This time I made it through the run with a little soreness/tightness in my achilles but no pain.  The 0.25-mile seemed like just far enough.  If I had gone much further, I might push it into "injury-status" again.  I had mixed emotions after that run.  I felt excited that I was "back" running again, but at the same time it was very depressing to be only 0.25 mile after being ready to run 50-miles just weeks earlier.  However, at that point, I was willing to take whatever I could get.

Being able to run again was extremely important as it was days away from the 2nd Annual International Barefoot Running Day (IBRD) with the Barefoot Runners Society.  I was hosting the San Francisco Area Chapter Run at Lake Chabot and felt the urgency in my ability to run. 

That Sunday arrived and I headed out to Lake Chabot with BRS member, Rob, aka Running Romeo.  Shortly after arriving, other members of the BRS and a few new runners arrived.  I held a very brief running clinic on form and cadence (my two go-to topics).  Then we headed out for what was supposed to be a mile + run.  I hung back with the main part of the group (to take it easy on my achilles) while RR went out with the lead pack.  They paused at a restroom on a turn in the lake path.  Rob mentioned that we'd gone 1.27 miles.  A bit more than I had originally bargained for, so we headed back toward the marina.  So, after 2.5 miles, my achilles was tight again, but still no pain!  YES!

At the end of that week, the school I work at had a "triathlon"- hula hooping, jump roping, and running!  I wore my Merrell's that day (since I don't think my principal would appreciate me running barefoot on campus).  I did a very easy half-mile run with some of the 3rd graders - along with some hula hooping too.

This past week marked the start of the 13 weeks to my next race - the Skyline 50K around Lake Chabot this August.  I ran this race last year as my first entry into the realm of the ultramarathon.  I loved the course - mostly barefoot friendly and great support along the course.  The goal this year is to beat my time (by training for the hills). 

I did 2 miles on Tuesday and 2.5 on Wednesday last week.  On Sunday, I met up with two of my old marathoning running buddies for a nice 8 mile run around Shima Tract Island on the delta.  I felt great!  No pain, no soreness and I still have my endurance!  WOO HOO! 

Ladies and gentlemen... I'm back!


  1. That sounds like good news, Terry. I didn't realize you were having trouble. Glad you are healing.

    Have you posted a report on your IBRD on the Official thread on the site? If not, please do. How many in total for your IBRD? More than last year, I take it? -TJ

  2. Nice one! I went for a run today after a month off due to overdoing it during barefoot/minimal transition (I run in Fivefingers as the streets of London are covered in glass!). I am limiting myself to no more than 15mins a time. It felt good, though and so far, no after-pain.

  3. Hey TJ, I think I put in a report on the site, but I will look into it. Been busy with the end of school year work stuff.

    Drrty, 15 minutes is probably a good time frame to start and build up from. Unless you are wicked fast, you're probably doing about a mile+. Best of luck on your return to out for those "glassholes" (see one of my previous posts) in London :)